terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2016

The last glass

This moon shines on my glass
A slight shade of redness
Its mirrors its brightness and madness
It dives on times past

if the moon would fall
into this dark wine of mine
my sins would be clean or shine
and I would go back to the ball

I want to turn and turn and dance
Turn and turn under the moon’s shade
Dance to the words God’s romance
While I still have a chance
Before my head falls under the blade

I will not seat I will not stand
I will not stop I will not lie
Our legs intertwine
I will drink it all and refill it again
For all my life is worth
The pain so joyfully gained
I will dance with a glass in my hand
And slide on the spilt wine and mirth

I’m the only lonely guest
There are no tables and no chairs
The moon rolls down to rest
Leaving corpses without a care

It’s time to go and lie down
To give a rest to life and death
It’s time to empty the glass
Before a new life begins its dawn
And the Lord pours out a new breath

To my grave I’ll take the glass
Full to the brim with wine
Finally it’s time to relax
And listen to the sins of mine

I’ll wait for the dirt to cover me
I’ll offer my body to worms
My water will reach the sea

As God my sentence confirms

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