domingo, 2 de outubro de 2016

Turn down that empty glass

Not far away, not here not there
Where the moon is black
Where the stars just don’t care
for, seeing you they draw back

There, where you hide in the open
Discovered by all
me here, with my heart broken
hurt by a love fall

grieving daily, years alone
in this desert tirelessly walking
from corner to corner blown
here souls don't open when knocking

where’s my glass of wine
I’ll drink to forget
This heavy love of mine
That busy day we met

I feel you but You’re here no more
Bent over, I pain in all places
But pain doesn’t live in this heart of yours
And mine is full of empty spaces

I turn down the empty glass tonight
on jealousy and anger drunk
Tears are dry, gone in this plight

 A love boat on the high seas sunk