terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2016

At the end

Now, at the end of a life
I look back and I smile
I see many friends
Who loved me for who I was
I see many lovers
Who loved something else
I enjoyed my life
I suffered what I should
See my cross, waiting
standing on hill worned out
I see the nails ready
And their power is overwhelming
Before the last step
A step to somewhere,
I seat down
Facing it all
This time alone
No friends
No lovers
No one
Pick up my glass
And sip
Sip the wine to come
Am I ready?
I drink some more
Am I ready?
The glass is almost empty
Red wine
How can I cleanse myself on blood spilled?
I make sure there is not one drop left
Nothing must be left behind
I get up

And walk

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