domingo, 26 de julho de 2015


Despite all the noise
my prayers leave me like the smell of wine
I pick the glass and give thanks once again...
This is a luxurious life,
This one of mine.

there is no break,
talking and talking
forks and knifes
cups and glasses

trays move from right to left and back
it is the tango of meals

but in my solitude I seep again the wine
I get lost in the vines where so much was done

indeed wine is forever.
I bless you Father
for you pamper me with no reason
indeed this wine purifies me

I finish the meal and my heart is warm
I look around and deeply see the unseen love of each for each
indeed this wine gives me sight

I thank you Father
unlike Omar Khayyam,
I never turn down an empty glass

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