sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2015

Why wine

Without concern for the outside
and yet wonderfully worried,
I drink a cup or two

I wait for you 
my drinking companion
but not
not today 
am maybe never

Where are you?
were you ever you
where is the problem
where is the solution
where are we?
where is everybody
is anybody anywhere?

From time immemorial
this jewel has saved crowns
and drowned empires,
has started love affairs 
and caused war with good friends

I has been the cause of salvation
and we have used it for destruction
it has been purifying
and the bases of irremovable stains

come and stay here
let us open this one and pour down 
one glass
and talk over what pains us
for wine cleanses our sins
and makes us say good things to each other

I miss someone I have never met
or have I?
and glass after glass
search for this love I know
to be immense
I wake up every dawn in complete sadness
yet hopeful to have one more day to look for it

I walk and look
I drink and wish
I hide and open myself
I sing out of tone
and move in sinful desires
forgiven evermore
and every time
for wishing that what is not
to be wished

I feel the bottle
I hear the sound
I serve my friends
they pour me one glass
we salute
and I drink in total sadness and with a big smile
and love everyone

Wine makes me feel
the need to need
the need to give
the need to forget and
ask for forgiveness

it reminds me that it is true
that my love for all is true
that hate makes me nauseous
so sure

isn't the honesty of wine
and liberating?

it frees my sadness into an ocean of loneliness
where I can safely search for love
for aren't we ordered to love one another

my spirit makes me a road
wide or sometimes narrow
exquisite with wonderful obstacles
and with a glass
I seat and laugh at them
What a life!

drink with me
and love like me
love all and each
embrace me when you are drunk
and stay one more while

Do you smell this one?
Cover it with your mouth
and let yourself be taken into
the lands, the works, and the beauties of the lands it came
can you feel the toughness of this one's soil?
My Lord, isn't all this always a constant surprise

Let us drink one last glass
before dawn comes
and the sun dries off
what is left


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